Eye of the Needle 10/9- 11/5 is an Online Meditation Course and guided liver cleanse led by Rebecca Sharp.

This is a one month online course with 3 parts.  The video portion of the course will simplify meditation, while the zoom meetings will provide an interactive space to connect and ask questions. The third portion, the Liver Cleanse, is an AMAZING and easy way to get to know your organs (namely liver and gallbladder) and literally see what they've been holding onto and let it go, with full freedom!

10% of proceeds go to programs that are healing diabetes and creating healthy food options in Mexico and Ghana Learn about PPEP

* You will receive a certificate of completion More Info and RegistrationCheck out Rebecca's video introduction below. 

Financial Investment: $85


For A Change:  Fall/Winter 2017 (dates TBA)

 When you presuppose (just for a moment) that you're doing the best you can - There is peace.  In that peace, you can see that you are 'doing life'  with the best options you have available.  When you line up with the idea that 'you're doing the best you can in every moment,'  you loosen the idea that you are separate from your ability to respond creatively and with integrity to whatever comes your way- now. Then  you take back the power to act, and to be... you.  When you aren't split, you start to see new options for what you'd like to create, and how you'd like to serve.

This course addresses this apparent SPLIT,  and dives in to support you in the business of seeing and choosing better and better options on your life's menu.  It will train the mind and the body to feel empowered to stand up to injustice in strength, clarity and physical and mental power.


*Signature King Lex style of embodied meditation, self inquiry and strength training

* Guest lecture by critical care MD (responding to emergencies)

* FIRST AID AND CPR course will be required

* You will receive a certificate of Completion

10% of proceeds will go to One Light Global check out this amazing organization created by our dear friend Zóe Wild.

One Light Global is evolving the way we approach humanitarian crises around the world