You are what you eat... Let juice and Fresh Foods be your allies:


A juice cleanse of at least three days will counterbalance the toxicity our bodies due to our pesticide, preservative and additive laden food. It will create a layer of protection against chemicals in our environment, unhealthy water and residue left over from pharmaceuticals, nicotine, alcohol and other drugs.  The power of fresh raw fruit and vegetables will also diminish the toll of emotional and psychological habits that overcharge our physiology to the same degree as environmental toxins,  or more .  

Juicing  gives our organs time and space to work again in more optimal conditions, eliminating toxins from our system and restoring our desires for healthy foods by cutting our addicted ties to unnatural foods that rob us our vitality and, in my opinion, our truth.

Our digestive process, when given a break from eating, can refocus its energy on clearing out embedded toxins, acidity and contaminants. This experience increases our clarity, brings about a lightness of body and mind, accelerates our physical development in practices like yoga and creates a feeling of interconnections between our environment, the sun, water, earth and other beings.

In our retreats we use a high amount of fresh green leafy vegetables for vitamins A, K, C, B6', Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium and Magnesium, fruits that sweeten our pallet without raising our blood sugar levels (like carrots and beet roots do) together with fulfilling fruits like avocado, banana, watermelon, lemon and local fruits to absorb protein, potassium and an abundance of nutrients in low carb fashion.

A varying sugar level makes it very hard to meditate and concentrate, so if you're sugar level is high, a short juice fast will introduce you to a more balanced state from where you can catapult yourself into new habits. All our juices are strengthened with top grade organic super foods that I have personally tested myself for the past years.

A juice diet accelerates your realizations in a retreat setting, and you will feel replenished and amazed at how much positive change is possible in such a short time. The body is so smart and accepts these gifts eagerly, quickly paying you back for your effort with new life and inspiration on all levels.

- Rebecca Sharp

Participants will have an opportunity to do a juice cleanse in Tulum.  Delicious and nutritious raw and cooked food will also be served.

(pics are from the actual resort offerings)  

Altar of a traveler (some ridiculously delicious Mayan Elixir in the mug) <3

Altar of a traveler (some ridiculously delicious Mayan Elixir in the mug) <3