Alexis  (King Lexie) Honiotes is an original.  She is a performing artist an intuitive guide,  a certified NLP master practitioner, a cartographer of people’s inner landscapes. She is a wayshower on the path ofthe sustainable deviant, and she loves you. 

 She is an embodied truth teller, who invites all to:  “know thyself, team up, and enrich the world”.

 By an outrageous stroke of good fortune, privilege and desire,  K.L began studying and creating original performance with master teachers from around the world.  She earned a BFA in Performance with a minor in Buddhist meditation and  extensive study and research in critical race/feminist/queer theory from Naropa University.   KL studied under the tutelage of San Francisco based artist and activists Pearl Ubungen and Edris Cooper Anifowoshe.  These leading edge women constantly re-defined what a contemplative approach to education, art making and life could be. 

Alexis is also certified yoga teacher,  who reverently combines the science(s)  of yoga with humor and creativity.  It's not unlikely that you'll take a class with King Lexie and find yourself seeing your sticky mat as a time machine. 

Lexie ‘s predilection to merging disparate worlds never stopped (not sure it ever started) And this is reflected in mutant amazing career path.   she worked for 2 years as a professional actor / crisis and conflict facilitator with law enforcement, medical professionals and youth in crisis. 

Her work as a coach and mentor has made a traveling home for itself in The Consultório. (  Through this channel,  Alexis employs self-inquiry and inspiring coaching techniques to support clients in their desire to wake up, heal their past and remember their future.

“Her power to encourage self-realization is one of the things that distinguishes her among the wide range of healing entities” - Taylor Richards, Colorado.


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