The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right?


But how do you get from one point to another?  What does 'straight ' look like in your experience?

Do you know where you are now and where do you want to go?

 What’s the quality of your travel while you’re on the road?  

What’s your inner state like as you face the inevitable twists and turns, dead ends and demons on the path?  

 What is your experience of the food and drink you take in as you travel?

 How’s your physical body holdin’ up on the voyage? 

And who goes with you?






Do you see the 5 elements: earth, fire, wind, water and space, your sense perceptions or your emotional world as traveling companions?

Have you considered the history of the land you stand on as an experienced guide?  What is your relationship with the people of that land?  What's your relationship with a desire to serve the land and the people? 

Have you considered that you’re traveling with the whole Kosmos and everything that it ever created?  

What does that make you? 

In this retreat, you and life will take your seat as co-cartographers.

Click the Map to go a level deeper...

Click the Map to go a level deeper...

 We’ll run these dimensions and considerations, through our bodyminds by way of meditation, delicious local food (optional juice cleanse) a trip to an underwater cave, yoga/ movement, astrological research, talks /teachings, and original workshops...  

 You’ll come out the other side with a strengthened inner GPS, fearlessness in your call to adventure, and a clearer lay of the land on your journey from where you are to where you are heading.

You'll return to your lives, relationships and work forever changed, and with a clear, dynamic road map that you made.

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